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About Claudia Carolina
Founder & Director of Theatre Flamenco Dance Collective


Claudia Carolina has devoted her life to dance. She is one of Canada’s great Flamenco treasures. a powerful dancer and the nation's most esteemed flamenco choreographer.


Her early studies include ballet and related subjects at the National Ballet School and music at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. She studied composition at the University of Toronto under John Weinsweiz and Oscar Morawitz and Early Childhood Music under Donna Wood. Claudia is also a graduate of the Toronto Teachers College.


After school, she lived in Spain for many years studying with such great artists and teachers as Manolete, Ricardo (El Veneno), La Tati and Paco Fernandez. Miss Carolina has worked and toured extensively in the tablaos and concert halls of Spain, Europe, the Middle East, USA and Canada. She spent two years in New York City working at the New York City Opera and appeared regularly at “Le Chateu” the city's leading Flamenco venue.


Upon her return to Canada, she formed Theatre Flamenco and presently acts as its Artistic Director and Principal Choreographer. She has taught for the University of Toronto, the Royal Conservatory of Music, Appleby College, the University of Calgary, Alberta Ballet School of Dance and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks in Calgary.


In 1999 Claudia choreographed and performed in “Misa Flamenca”, the first Canadian produced Flamenco mass. This visionary project was toured again in 2001. “Mariposa”, a fusion work containing elements of Flamenco, Spanish classical dance and modern dance was invited to participate at the 2004 Canada Dance Festival in Ottawa. It was the first time Flamenco had been included in their programme.


In 2007-2008, Theatre Flamenco presented "Tres Mujeres" - the stories of three women from the tragedies of Garcia Lorca, with flamenco guitarist Dominique Soulard and singer Marie Helène Raby. The vocal ensemble "Madrigaïa" wove folksongs collected by Lorca from his native Andalucía, around and through these haunting tales.


Miss Carolina travels throughout Canada performing, choreographing and teaching as well as regularly taking groups of students to Spain for intensive Flamenco studies. She makes her home in Toronto.